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Temmes Management Services acquired by First Names Group
Temmes Management Services was acquired by First Names Group on March 4, 2014. First Names Group is a global independent provider of trust, fund and corporate administration services with over 500 employees. It shares the Temmes business model: clients come first, outstanding client service using experienced professionals, a wide range of integrated services and all-inclusive fixed fees.

In addition to continuing to provide services in the countries served by Temmes in the past, First Names Group provides accounting, corporate secretarial and management services to corporate clients in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

For additional information on the acquisition, please see the press release.

For additional information on First Names Group, please visit its website at www.firstnames.com.

Temmes Management Services helps multinational companies achieve their tax and treasury objectives. We provide a wide range of services to holding, finance, intellectual property and operating companies, principally in France, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The services include accounting, tax, treasury support, corporate secretarial, resident director, staffing, office rental and management services.

The services provided by Temmes extend beyond those of traditional trust companies. We tailor our services to each client and address the unique substance needs of the client’s structure. Corporate and tax legal services can also be provided through our affiliated law firm, Weidema van Tol, which has offices in Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United States.

In addition to assisting clients with recurring activities, Temmes has substantial experience with cross-border acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, migrations and restructuring transactions. We are also very familiar with global cash management and assist many of our clients with cash pooling, intercompany netting and related techniques.

Temmes serves clients in all major industry segments and they range from privately-held companies that are expanding internationally for the first time to portfolio companies of private equity firms to publicly-held companies, a number of which are included in the Fortune 500.

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